Event Info

In 2020 the UKYABA will be hosted by none other than YALC @ LFCC! Do come and join us for the Awards Ceremony to celebrate our amazing bloggers and vloggers.

Date:  ?? July 2020

Venue: YALC @ London Film & Comic Con

How to get there: Travel info here and check out the FAQ here (inc. accessibility info) and on our travel info tab

Tickets: Get your YALC @ LFCC tickets here! You don’t need a separate ticket for the UKYABA.

After party: An informal after-party will be held at the end of the Awards Ceremony. Venue: The Hand and Flower, 1 Hammersmith Road, London W14 8XJ.

Time: ?? for the Awards Ceremony (main panel area)… with workshops in the workshop area ?? (??) and ?? (??).


The ?? panel will include

Most Inspirational Award 2020 shortlistees

and Best Newcomer Award 2020 shortlistees

It will be Chaired by Alexia Casale @AlexiaCasale (author and YAShot Director) and ??.

The ?? panel will include

Best Established Award 2020 shortlistees

and Publishers’ Choice Award 2020 shortlistee

and Champion of Diversity 2020 shortlistee

It will be Chaired byAlexia Casale @AlexiaCasale (author and YAShot Director) and ??.

Shortlistees: If you are one of the shortlisted bloggers/vloggers who wins there will be an opportunity for you to say a few words in a short speech (we’ve set aside approximately 1 minute). There is no obligation to do this. If you prefer to just collect the prize that it absolutely fine. If you are unable to attend, we’ll ask if you’d like to be called on the night and, if so, on what number: we’ll then send your trophy on via a friend you nominate or by post.

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