The UKYABA 2019 are hosted by YALC!

The UKYA Blogger & Vlogger Awards are back and we’re over the moon that in 2019 our brand-new host is the ever-amazing YALC – it’s the perfect partnership!Square

The Awards ceremony will be part of the YALC programme for Friday 26th July so make sure you’re there to join us in celebrating the UKYA community – and especially our fantastic bloggers and vloggers.

The UKYABA are an amalgamation of the UKYA Blogger Awards, which were originally started by author Andy Robb in 2015 and hosted in 2016 by YAShot, plus the UKYA Book Blogger Awards, designed by blogger Faye Rogers (Daydreamer’s Thoughts) in 2015, then hosted by Luna’s Little Library in 2016. YAShot ran and hosted the first combined Award in 2018 and we’ll be running things again in 2019 – but this time in partnership with YALC, our amazing new host!

The UKYABA are all about celebrating UKYA book bloggers and vloggers. Our WALL OF WONDERFUL allows anyone to write a note of appreciation to individual bloggers and vloggers – or the community as a whole! We’ll also have a whole series of interviews, posts and competitions to enjoy in the run-up to YALC and our Awards ceremony, where we hope you’ll join us to say thank you to all the hard-working bloggers and vloggers who make the UKYA community so brilliant.

The categories for the UKYABA 2019 are

Best Newcomer: Who is an exciting new blogger/vlogger on the scene for less than two years but already one to watch?

Best Established: Who has been blogging/vlogging for more than 2 years and continues to deliver exciting quality content?

Champion of Diversity: Who actively and regularly promotes diverse books and authors?

Most Inspirational: Which blogger/vlogger makes you want to want to read more, volunteer for bookish purposes, try books you’d never otherwise read, get writing yourself or be more involved in the bookish community?

People’s Choice for Author Interactions: Which author provides the best interactions with YA readers through any and all digital channels (e.g. websites, blogs, vlogs, social media), going the extra mile with fans?

Publishers Choice: Nominated and voted for by publishers only, which blogger/vlogger offers the best support to authors and books, delivers professional content, and goes the extra mile for the bookish community?

Best Review: This award will recognise the quality and originality of a bookish review or other bookish post.

This year each Award will have its own procedure for how nominations will be turned into a longlist, then shortlist, then the winner chosen. Most will involve a voting stage, but there will also be a panel of judges who will select the shortlist for some Awards and the winner for others. This is ensures there are different routes to success so that anyone and everyone with a brilliant blog or vlog has a chance of winning at least one of the Awards! See the Categories page for more info on the criteria for each Award, and the Rules page for who is eligible to nominate and vote, who is eligible to be nominated, how it all works, and what parameters will apply. We aim to be transparent throughout as part of our commitment to honesty, fairness and integrity in the Awards.

We hope you’ll join us in nominating your favourite bloggers and vloggers for the Awards to celebrate all their hard-work!