Previous winners & sponsors

Please note the following list of winners is for the UKYA Blogger Awards only. If you wish to see the UKYA Book Blogger Awards results, please see 2015 results here and 2016 here.


2018 Winners

Champion Adult Blogger
Jo Clarke    @bookloverJo                  (

Champion Teen Blogger
Amy           @GoldenBooksGirl          (

Champion of Diversity
Luna’s Little Library       @lunaslibrary                  ( 

Champion Vlogger
Zoe Collins               @zcollins1994                  (

Champion of Social Media
Lucy Powrie        @LucyTheReader            ( 

Best Newcomer (0-2 years)
Steph Elliott        @eenalol                           (

Best Growing Blogger (2-4 years)
Zoe Collins              @zcollins1994                   ( 

Best Established Blogger (4+ years)
Jim                @Yayeahyeah                   (

Best Content & Design
Mia                 @thecosyreader              (

Marvellous Blogger
Jenn      @JennieLy          (


Find the full 2018 shortlist and longlist here.


2016 Winners

Blogger of the Year
Serendipity Reviews

Champion Vlogger

Champion of Social Media

Champion Newcomer

Champion of YA
Snuggling on the Sofa

Champion Adult Blogger
Read It, Daddy

Champion Teen Blogger
The Bibliomaniac Book Blog

Champion of Content
The Reader’s Corner

Champion of Diversity
The Dark Dictator

2016 Sponsors

Bloomsbury Kids, Curious Fox Books, Egmont UK, Faber & Faber, Firefly Press, Hachette  & Walker Books


2015 Winners

Champion Vlogger
Dark Readers/Casey Ann Books

Champion of Social Media
Winged Reviews

Champion Teen Blogger
Mile Long Bookshelf

Champion Adult Blogger

Champion of Diversity in YA

Champion of Content
Serendipity Reviews

Champion of YA
Queen of Contemporary

Blogger’s Blogger
The Pewter Wolf

Blogger of the Year
Wondrous Reads

Champion Newcomer
Tales of Yesterday

2015 Sponsors

Bloomsbury Kids, Catnip, Egmont UK, Faber & Faber, Hachette, Hot Key Books, Little Tiger Press, Mira Ink, Penguin Random House & Walker Books

Recent Posts

Help needed to run the #UKYABA2020!

We would love to be back celebrating our wonderful UKYA book-blogging community at YALC2020 for the UKYA Book-Blogger Awards 2020, but for that to happen we need your help.

YAShot is in a transition period so we don’t have a full team at the moment to run things. We need a group of volunteers willing to do 8-10 hours of work between March and June. It’s all digital and we’ll explain everything. You need to be meticulous, careful, honest and able to use spreadsheets. It’s all online and run through a shared GoogleDrive.

The key tasks are validating nominees and processing nominations. Then validating any voters who didn’t already nominate and processing all the votes. The validation criteria are all laid out and we have a group-chat for any odd cases or questions. There may also be a little bit of planning work for the celebrations on the night – sorting decorations, pulling together the running order and sample speeches, designing and proofing and ordering the trophies, discussing the judging process with the judging panel, etc.

There are patches of intense work and then patches of quiet, but if we can get a group together it shouldn’t be too onerous… and of course it’s all in the lovely cause of celebrating our fantastic bloggers and everything they bring to our community!

Drop us a line at with any questions or to volunteer. DMs open on Twitter.



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