The awards are in April 2018, so why are the nominations in autumn 2017?
To give us time. Each nomination needs to be verified. After this, we need to count the nominations and put together everything to open the voting.

As with the nominations there is a lot of authentication behind the voting process. We need to ensure transparency throughout, which is why we have independent authors to oversee.

On top of that we also need to plan the evening. This includes organising the awards themselves as well as prizes for winners, and food and drink for all attendees.

Does being ‘UK-based’ include Irish bloggers?
UKYA Book Bloggers need to be based in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland to be eligible.

Why is there only a single nominee per category?
The nominations are for selecting which UKYA book blogger you (the person nominating) feel is the best for the specified category.

Can I, a UKYA book blogger, nominate myself?


If you have a question about the awards you can email us at ukyaba@gmail.com using Subject: UKYABA Question