Please note –

With the awards just a day away we are all set for the celebrations. We hope to see you there.
This is just to make you aware that the winner banners will be a couple of weeks in the making. That’s because of technical issues (i.e. the computer the designer is working from is broken).


The UKYABA are back!!!

Logo Final Colour Transparent nosigYou thought we’d forgotten you but we haven’t…


They are coming for you. In the nice we love-Book-Bloggers-way, not the scary monster-under-the-bed-way.

UKYA Book Bloggers are awesome, amazing, awe-inspiring, stupendous, incredible, magnificent, wonderful, phenomenal, and basically supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

We want to celebrate you. WE WILL CELEBRATE YOU.

When? Where? How?

I’m so glad you asked.

The awards are joining up with YA Shot as a double-feature event. So the next UKYABA will be on Saturday 14th April 2018.

The UKYABA are an amalgamation of the UKYA Blogger Awards, which were originally started by author Andy Robb in 2015 and voted for by publishers and authors. As well as the UKYA Book Blogger Awards, designed by blogger Faye Rogers (Daydreamer’s Thoughts) in 2015, then hosted by Luna’s Little Library in 2016, in which UK Book Bloggers nominated and voted for their peers.

By combining the UKYA Blogger Awards and UKYA Book Blogger Awards we aim to celebrate the best of everything about the UKYA book-blogger community. As before there will be awards exclusively voted on by publishers and authors, though other awards will have a combination vote, and one award will be voted for by bloggers only.

In the run up to UKYABA there will be many more blog posts about the awards themselves (categories, voting, etc) and we’re inviting bloggers, authors and publishers to submit guest posts talk about book blogging and what it means.

We have also set up the WALL OF WONDERFUL: it’s an opportunity for authors, bloggers and publishers to celebrate bloggers by writing notes of appreciation at any point throughout the year.

The UKYABA are about celebrating UKYA book bloggers. Not only will we be doing that on the night but throughout this year by shining a spotlight on the hard work the book blogging community does.