Nominations for the #UKYABA 2018 are now OPEN!

Calling all UKYA Book Bloggers! This is your chance to nominate your fellow UKYA Book Bloggers for a UKYA Blogger Award.

The UKYABA are about recognising the support and appreciation given to authors and publishers by the book-blogging community BUT they are also about celebrating everything the UKYA Book Blogging community is.

There are 4 awards that Publishers and UKYA Book Bloggers together nominate and vote on, plus 1 category exclusively nominated and voted for by Book Bloggers.

You can find a full list of all UKYA Blogger Awards by clicking this link.

To ensure transparency, every nomination received will be verified to ensure the nominee and person nominating are eligible. Please read the following carefully before submitting your nomination.

  • All nominees must be UK based.
  • Nominees must be active UKYA Book Bloggers. This means content on the nominee’s UKYA book blog has to have been updated within the last 2 months.
  • Nominees must fall into the categories specified. Please note the effective date for counting back years of blogging is 1st November 2017.
  • The person nominating must be an active UKYA Book Blogger and complete the form in full. If we are unable to verify details, we will not be able to count the nomination.
  • Multiple nominations are not permitted. Repeat nominations will cancel previously submitted eligible nominations.
  • Nominations close 10th November 2017.

If you have any queries or questions about nominating check our Q&A page here.

Submit your Nomination:


Announcing the UKYABA categories!

There is so much going on with the awards at the moment. Securing sponsorship for example; you can see our first official confirmation on the sponsor page already but there are sponsors to come VERY shortly. Super excited!

What’s taking up the most time right now is sorting out all the background work for the nominations and voting. You are not going to have to wait long to find more because we’ll be opening the nominations soon.

As with previous UKYA Blogger Awards there will be awards exclusively voted on by publishers and authors but we have others that have a combination vote, and one award will be voted for by bloggers only.

Today though we wanted to share the UKYABA categories with you:

Industry Only – Voted for by Publishers & Authors

Champion Adult Blogger

  • Bloggers aged 20+.

Champion Teen Blogger

  • Bloggers aged 13-19.

Champion of Diversity

  • Bloggers who actively champion diverse & #ownvoices books/authors/characters. This blogger makes a significant effort to support diverse stories.

Champion Vlogger

  • Be it discussions, book-challenges or book reviews, this award is about Vloggers who share their book-love passionately. (Their channels may have other content but book reviews/content are the core.)

Champion of Social Media

  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, be it on one or all of these, this blogger excels at sharing what book blogging is about.



Blogger Only Vote

Marvellous Blogger Award

  • This is about bloggers who makes you feel happy about being part of the book blogging community. Is it because they have great book recommendations? Or because they always send you that perfect gif on Twitter when you need it? How about because they cheer on authors? Or you? They send real/virtual care-packages? Something about this blogger makes UKYA book blogging a better place for you. It can be a tiny thing or a big thing but it matters!



Industry & Blogger – Combination Vote

Best Newcomer (0-2 years)

  • Bloggers who have started blogging within the last two years.

Best Growing Blogger (2-4 years)

  • Bloggers who have been around for a few years, worked to build their blog and are continuing to champion books.

Best Established Blogger (4+ years)

  • Bloggers who have been there, done that & got the t-shirt! After 4 years (or longer) they are still here and still working hard to help publishers and authors. That deserves recognition.

Best Content & Design

  • Book Blogs come in all kinds of colours and designs. This award is about recognising that creativity, as well as how easy it is to find content or manoeuvre on the blog. Plus the information on the blog: what about those book reviews? This category is for design, tech skills and writing!





The UKYABA are back!!!

Logo Final Colour Transparent nosigYou thought we’d forgotten you but we haven’t…


They are coming for you. In the nice we love-Book-Bloggers-way, not the scary monster-under-the-bed-way.

UKYA Book Bloggers are awesome, amazing, awe-inspiring, stupendous, incredible, magnificent, wonderful, phenomenal, and basically supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

We want to celebrate you. WE WILL CELEBRATE YOU.

When? Where? How?

I’m so glad you asked.

The awards are joining up with YA Shot as a double-feature event. So the next UKYABA will be on Saturday 14th April 2018.

The UKYABA are an amalgamation of the UKYA Blogger Awards, which were originally started by author Andy Robb in 2015 and voted for by publishers and authors. As well as the UKYA Book Blogger Awards, designed by blogger Faye Rogers (Daydreamer’s Thoughts) in 2015, then hosted by Luna’s Little Library in 2016, in which UK Book Bloggers nominated and voted for their peers.

By combining the UKYA Blogger Awards and UKYA Book Blogger Awards we aim to celebrate the best of everything about the UKYA book-blogger community. As before there will be awards exclusively voted on by publishers and authors, though other awards will have a combination vote, and one award will be voted for by bloggers only.

In the run up to UKYABA there will be many more blog posts about the awards themselves (categories, voting, etc) and we’re inviting bloggers, authors and publishers to submit guest posts talk about book blogging and what it means.

We have also set up the WALL OF WONDERFUL: it’s an opportunity for authors, bloggers and publishers to celebrate bloggers by writing notes of appreciation at any point throughout the year.

The UKYABA are about celebrating UKYA book bloggers. Not only will we be doing that on the night but throughout this year by shining a spotlight on the hard work the book blogging community does.